Yellow Card Only Hires Really Friendly People With Great People Skills

A lot of people are attracted to property services because their clients are often not home when they are cleaning, gardening doing modifications to their home etc. These type of people like to have their ear buds in and not need to talk to anyone.

They are not Yellow Card’s happy helpers. Most of our clients are at home when we are helping them. We want people who love helping others, love a chat and have great people skills.

We are nice people, we only work with nice people.

Yellow Card Only Helps NDIS Participants With Their Properties

Helping out NDIS participants isn’t a part of our business, it is our business, it’s all we do. This singular focus on helping NDIS Participants provides unparalleled service and compliance.

Yellow Card App

We have our own app and operation software that makes our compliance easy

Geotagged Selfie

The first thing our team do is selfie themselves outside your property with this geo tagged giving a really accurate location of where they were

Modifications List

Next they look at the modifications list. This tells them how they need to modify their behaviours to suit the person inside. Are there any noise or chemical sensitivities, does the person’s abilities or personalty require things to be done a different way, is there or a dog or cat to make sure is safe and protected from noise etc.

Before & After Photo

The app requires them to take before and after photos to show what’s been done, helps the next person too.

Asset and Job History

Everytime that air con has been worked on, or everytime they have repaired or done something is logged. This lets you make informed decisions about when to repair and when to replace.

Team Tracking and Alerts

Are app lets us know where our team are and can notify you ahead of schedule they are coming. This is especially useful for people who don’t like change, so we can send reminders a week out, a day out, the morning off and when your happy helper is on their way. Whatever suits you

Qualified Project Manager

Yellow Card Helpers and Builders use qualified project managers to run all of our helpers. This means we are punctual, reliable and can pick the right person to help you.

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