Yellow Card Gardeners- NDIS Participants Only

Yellow Card Gardeners are part of the Yellow Card Helpers Group. We only look after NDIS Participants and their Properties.

Chemical Free Electric Lawn, Snipping & Edging

Yellow Card Gardeners run an entire trailer that contains no chemicals. Our solar powered trailer contains all hi end rechargeable mowers, whipper snippers, edgers, blowers and more.

Friendly Gardeners

As specialist NDIS gardeners we know that the majority of our clients are home while we look after their property. This means that having gardeners with people skills, nice people who up for a chat and are always friendly.

We match our gardeners to you to make sure they suit your needs.

We Take Selfies…..

Yellow Card Helpers has an app across the group that requires everyone, including our cleaners to:

  • take a geotagged selfie before they enter your property;
  • access an info sheet to see if they need to adjust how and when they clean ;
  • complete a checklist (including Covid-19)

It means we always know who is at your property and that they help you in the ways you need.

Before & After Photos – If You Want

We can take before and after photos everytime we come, or never at all. Our service is tailored to you.

We Are Here to Make You Happy

We are nice people, we only work with nice people. Our job is for you to be happy that we have been and made your life just that little bit easier.

Contact Us Now

Our team can do one offs or weekly.

tel:0730639501 or email: to see how we can help you.

We Work With Big & Small

Yellow Card Gardeners works with one of the largest SDA providers in the country and we work with self managed participants.

Whoever you are, we are happy to help.

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